25 ChatGPT Prompts to help you memorize everything you want.

Learn 25 proven memory techniques and ChatGPT prompts to memorize anything faster. Discover mnemonics, spaced repetition, memory palaces, songs, imagery, chunking, elaboration, and more skills
1. Link or story technique

Prompt: “Help me to memorize this list of words: [words] by using the link or story technique.”

2. Mnemonic device

Prompt: “Show me how to use a mnemonic device to remember [information] better.”

3. Spaced repetition

Prompt: “What is the concept of spaced repetition and why is it effective for memorizing [topic]?”

4. Visual memory

Prompt: “Give me some tips to improve my visual memory and create mental images of [information].”

5. Mind map

Prompt: “Teach me how to use mind maps to organize and memorize [information].”

6. Acronym

Prompt: “Provide me with some examples of acronyms that can help me memorize [information].”

7. Memory palace

Prompt: “Demonstrate how to use the memory palace technique to store and retrieve [information] in my brain.”

8. Flashcard

Prompt: “Tell me some benefits of using flashcards for memorizing [information].”

9. Rhyme or song

Prompt: “Create a rhyme or song to make memorizing [information] more fun and easy.”

10. Memory error

Prompt: “Identify some common memory errors and how to avoid them when learning [topic].”

11. Chunking

Prompt: “Apply the chunking technique to break down [information] into smaller units.”

12. Association

Prompt: “Explain how to use association to link [new information] to [old information] that I already know or remember.”

13. Substitution

Prompt: “Suggest how to use the substitution method to replace difficult words or concepts in [topic] with simpler ones.”

14. Chaining

Prompt: “Make a story or sequence of events from [information] that I want to memorize by using the chaining technique.”

15. Elaboration

Prompt: “Describe how to use elaboration to deepen my understanding and memory of [topic].”

16. Peg system

Prompt: “Guide me on how to use the peg system to memorize a list of [items].”

17. Keyword method

Prompt: “Illustrate how to use the keyword method to memorize [foreign words] and their meanings.”

18. Loci method

Prompt: “Review the order of [events] or [steps] by using the loci method.”

19. First letter technique

Prompt: “Form a sentence or phrase from the first letters of each item in this list: [words] or [names] by using the first letter technique.”

20. Major system

Prompt: “Convert [numbers] or [dates] into words by using the major system.”

21. Feynman technique

Prompt: “Simplify and explain [concept] in simple terms by using the Feynman technique.”

22. Method of loci

Prompt: “Memorize the names and locations of [countries] or [cities] on a map by using the method of loci.”

23. Acronym method

Prompt: “Generate a word from the first letters of each item in this list: [categories] or [criteria] by using the acronym method.”

24. Roman room technique

Prompt: “Prepare a speech or presentation on [topic] by using the Roman room technique.”

25. Journey method

Prompt: “Recall a story or plot of [book] or [movie] by using the journey method.”

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