Astra Pro WordPress Theme

Enhance your website design with the Astra WordPress Theme and Astra Pro Plugin. Unlock premium features and functionalities for a more visually appealing and user-friendly

Astra Pro WordPress Theme 4.3.1 : Elevate Your Website Design

Are you looking to enhance your website’s design and functionality? The Astra WordPress Theme, paired with its premium add-on plugin, Astra Pro, can take your theming journey to the next level. This powerful combination offers a range of premium features and functionalities to elevate your website’s appearance and performance.

Key Features of Astra Pro Plugin:

  • Transparent Header: Create stunning transparent headers or customize your website layout to your liking.
  • Better Typography: Gain more control over fonts and improve readability on your website with this module.
  • Sticky Header: Ensure your header remains easily accessible to users as they scroll down your pages.
  • Dynamic Hooks: Add custom content and shortcodes conditionally at any hook location, providing flexibility in your site’s design.
  • Page Headers: Design captivating page title areas with options like breadcrumbs, meta fields, and more.
  • Advanced Footer: Expand your footer with additional areas and creative design options using the Advanced Footer module.
  • More Color Controls: Customize the color of every element on your website directly from the customizer.
  • Scroll to Top Link: Enhance user experience on long pages by adding a scroll-to-top link.
  • Header Sections: Introduce more sections within the header for creating complex and unique header layouts.
  • White Label: Maintain a clean and branded WordPress backend under your own name.
  • Spacing Control: Customize the spacing between various elements on your website for a polished look.
  • More Header Designs: Choose from creative and unique header layouts to make your website stand out.
  • Mega Menu: Create impressive mega menus for your site, offering more space for navigation.
  • Blog Layouts: Build stunning blog layouts with options for grid layout, author bios, pagination, and more.
  • Site Layouts: Explore additional layout options for your website, including boxed, fluid, and padded styles.
  • WooCommerce Designer: Take full control over WooCommerce templates and customize them with ease.

Elevate your website design with the Astra WordPress Theme and Astra Pro Plugin. Whether you’re managing a blog, an e-commerce store, or a personal website, this combination offers the tools and flexibility you need to create a stunning online presence.

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